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White Blur from Christopher Galasso on Vimeo.

This is something I created for my experimental video class a few months ago.
The assignment was to create an alternative way of seeing.

In this video, I started with an audio track, "White Blur" by Aphex Twin. I split the audio into two tracks, one with boosted treble and one with boosted bass. I then extrapolated key frames that reacted to each track's dominant frequencies. I attached a null object to those key frames so that the bass null would move forward on the z-axis and the treble null would move away on the z-axis. I parented a separate video clip to each null object, the bass being represented by a plant and the treble being represented by a lake.
After that, I just panned the camera back and forth to the rhythm of the audio because it wasn't as interesting when they were just moving on one axis.

Shot on: Canon HG10
Edited using After Effects
Music: White Blur by Aphex Twin