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Pet Peeves

These are all work related. I'm a bartender at a restaurant so a lot of my business comes from guests who are waiting for their tables. Here's what bugs me:

6a) I will always try to cash guests out as soon as possible even though we do have the ability to send bar tabs to get added onto dinner tabs. I try to cash the guests out myself because when I do transfer their check, 90% of the time the guest will not tip me. I don't know how people can feel comfortable walking away from the person who just served them without taking care of them back.

6b) Related to that, if a large bar tab has been transferred that I don't receive a tip from, we have a policy that we can ask the server who gets said transfer for 10% of the tab (so that we're essentially splitting the tip that should technically be mine) and a lot of the time, servers will complain about this, pointing out that we get tipped out at the end of the night for a reason. We get tipped out 1.5% from the servers at the end of the night. So that $85 check that your guests just left me out to dry from? I'm getting $1.28 for that in tip-out.

6c) Speaking of guests leaving the bar for their table, the stunt that really grinds my gears is when I don't cash them out right away and the next time I turn around, the guests are gone. No tip, no request to transfer, no thank you, no clue as to where they went, nothing. Who does this? It's just plain rude. When this is the case, I will print out a check and bring it to the table and make them pay me personally. You can't go into old navy to try on a shirt and then wear it over to the gap without paying for it. You can't take drinks from my bar and then vanish into thin air with them. So rude.


Pet peeves

A lot of people say 'oh, that's pet peeve number such and such'. Well, usually it's all baloney.
Today, I'm officially starting my list of pet peeves so that I can say with confidence what my pet peeves are and bring them up to people by number, haha.
So without further ado, in random order, here's my list of pet peeves, to be built upon as I think of them.

Pet peeve number:

1) When someone uses up the last of the toilet paper, is civil enough to get a new roll, but doesn't take the old cardboard tube off of the dispenser and leaves the new roll on to counter, on top of the toilet tank, etc.

2) When someone leaves the sponge in the bottom of the kitchen sink without wringing it out so it becomes gross and smelly.

3) When someone leaves dirty dishes in the sink (which I'm not COMPLETELY opposed to), but doesn't put water in them so that by the time I get around to cleaning them, the food is fossilized onto them.

4) When someone uses my soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc (which again, I'm not opposed to sharing) but uses the last of it and doesn't replace it so that when I go to use it, I don't have any.

5) When someone removes/relocates something that they have no reason to remove/relocate. For example, I have a pepper grinder that I need for work. One time, it went missing for weeks. I eventually found it in the hostess closet. Wtf?

To be continued.



Last night, I went over Dom's house. I played Twilight Princess while he ate dinner and watched me play. After that, we took a shower, made hot chocolate, and played old school card games, like spit and egyptian rat screw. When we were finished with that, we watched Monsters Inc. until we fell asleep. This morning, he made me homemade oatmeal with apples, walnuts, and maple syrup before I left for home.

This is why I'm so in love with him.



Ability/Disability from Christopher Galasso on Vimeo.

My school hosted a drawing marathon in which all students in the college of art and design participated in various workshops in place of their usual studio classes.
Those not interested in the 'drawing' aspect of the marathon were invited to document by way of film, video, or photography.

I opted to document and went to a workshop entitled 'Ability/Disability' in which the artists were required to draw in nontraditional ways.

In order of appearance in my video are drawing with appendages other than your hands, drawing while seeing in nontraditional ways, and using tools in nontraditional ways.

Shot on: Canon HG10
Music: Handlebars by Flobots

Please to be clicking here to watch it in full HD at Vimeo.


Where have I heard Jóhann Jóhannsson before?

Jan. 19th, 2009

Dom and I are obsessed with Superjail.


My brother got me an Apple gift card thinking that I could use it on iTunes. I found out today that you can't use Apple gift cards at the iTunes store. You can, however, use an Apple gift card to buy an iTunes gift card.

What kind of logic is that?

So now I'm waiting 2 - 7 business days so that I can get the iTunes gift card that I just bought for myself using the Apple gift card.



I upgraded to Leopard a couple weeks ago and forgot to backup my iTunes playlists and stuff, so now I have to start all over making playlists and rating stuff.

Son of a-



The rules are as follows:
1. Put your mp3 player or computer music player on random.
2. Post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (Skip repeat artists and any instrumentals.).
3. Post, and let your friends guess which song and artist the lines come from.
4. No Googling! Don’t cheat!

Check it.Collapse )


Almost done

Here's a couple things because a little more procrastination never hurt anyone.

I've been test driving the BlackBerry Storm since Sunday. Dom is a manager at VZW and can get company phones whenever he wants, so he gave me this one for a few days to see if I like it. So far, I like it a lot. The touch screen is really easy to use. In comparison to the LG Dare, which I currently have, I very rarely have trouble clicking things that I want to click because of the Storm's clickable screen thing. There's also a function where if your thumbs are just plain too thick to hit a link properly, you can activate a cursor that you you can move around with your thumb to more accurately click things. I've never been good at using qwerty keyboards with my thumbs, but I'm getting pretty good at this one. Some people have asked if typing is slow because of the clickable screen, but the only thing I've noticed with that so far is that you should only really have only one thumb actually touching the screen at a time when you click, otherwise you often trigger the wrong letter. I've never used a BlackBerry before, but I like how it's in constant connection with your email and all. In fact, it saved my tail from failing a class yesterday. I didn't know I had a crit yesterday until my prof wrote me 40 minutes before my assigned slot. If I didn't have the BlackBerry on me, I wouldn't have gotten that email until late last night and would have probably failed my class.
I also like how you can have multiple programs running at once, like a browser window, AIM, and VZ Navigator, for example. This way, you can look up a local restaurant on Navi, open google and get reviews, then IM the results to someone without quitting out of each program. Like I said, I'm new to BlackBerrydom so I don't know if this has always been standard on BlackBerries, but I like it.
Some complaints: It's impossible to text and drive using qwerty and I'm not really good at typing in T9 on it yet. Sometimes while typing a message, I'll accidentally click above the keyboard, which hides it causing me to have to open it again manually. There's just a few dumb things like that. Overall, I'd say that I like it a lot and I'll probably end up getting it.
I guess that is all.