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So pay the money and take a shot

Leadfill the hole in me

28 August 1980
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We were all deceived when we found your body at the bottom of the sea, rusty and knotted. It was a laptop case embossed with three gold letters. 'GOD' we read and had a taste of the holy power. I turned it on and sure enough was a screensaver of the holy cross and a scrolling marquee which i slowly read, 'heaven is a database and god is a program'. With a newfound hate, I swam back to my city and with god under my arm, I passed churches and apartments. An anti-aliased halo was lingering just above the armpit in which i held our creator, our father. The clergy rushed to see my find and grabbed, greedily grabbed the holy spirit from me and i saw the flash of light hitting steel, felt a blade-- a plunge into my side.
a perfect circle, adult swim, aeon flux, air, alec empire, amnesiac, amon tobin, apex winter guard, aphex twin, appleseed cast, aqua teen hunger force, atari teenage riot, autechre, bear in heaven, bjork, bjork remix web, bjork remixes, björk, björk remixes, black dog, boards of canada, bubble baths, castlevania, cavaliers, cb's, chemical brothers, chris clark, colorguard, daft punk, dancer in the dark, dancing, dci, dhr, digital hardcore, drum and bugle corps, eddie izzard, efterklang, emotion sickness, ensemble, everything but the girl, final fantasy x, final fantasy xi, fiona apple, fischer spooner, frou frou, fsol, funkstorung, futurama, future sound of london, gameboy advance, garbage, god lives underwater, goldfrapp, grandma, gusgus, guy sigsworth, hive, hjartað hamast, homesick for space, i cactus, idm, ink, intelligence and sacrifice, juno reactor, kashmir, khonnor, kingdom hearts, kmfdm, lamb, less than 3, lightening, listening to rain, loretta young silks, magnolia, marilyn manson, massive attack, matmos, mdfmk, mellowdrone, memento, metroid, mixing, mogwai, monopot, mortal kombat: deception, movies, mum, music, my wish, nine inch nails, nintendo, ný batterí, pagan poetry, patrick wolf, philip glass, photek, pi, piercings, pitchshifter, plaid, playstation, playstation 2, portishead, ps2, psone, radiohead, remixes, remixing, requiem for a dream, rob zombie, rocket brothers, rowan university, samuel barber, sebastian + vincent, sigur rós, silverchair, sleep, smallville, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, soul coughing, splinter, spongebob squarepants, squarepusher, steve reich, stumbleine, takkyu ishino, tattoos, telepopmusik, the album leaf, the designers republic, the gloria record, the melting pot, the smashing pumpkins, thunder, tool, video games, virgin suicides, virgo, wgi, winterguard, wipeout fusion,